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Saturday, November 20, 2010

looking for something a little different this year.
We have just created a Xmas Cake soap - and smells like just a real Christmas cake.
PLEASE DO NOT EAT! It really is soap!
Only available in-store while stocks last.
You can contact us direct thru our website, if you would like to order some.  Each slice is shrink wrapped.

Cupcake Soap - Pink Sprinkle...... one of our lastest designs - handmade on Norfolk Island. Each cupcake has been made using Goats Milk Soap (safe for sensitive skin). Please do not really is SOAP!

These cupcakes smell sooooo yummy....each one is fragranced with bubblegum.

Order direct - thru our on-line store

Each cupcake comes beautifully gift-boxed - with ribbons and a tag.

Exclusive design - handmade by Megan Fitzpatrick - on Norfolk Island.

Christmas Cupcake Soaps.....handmade on Norfolk Island. A natural handmade product using Goats Milk Soap (safe for sensitive skin).

Just released in our store for Christmas.

Each cupcake smells just like the real thing! Caution PLEASE DO NOT EAT! It really is soap.

You can order these cupcakes thru our on-line store

For one week, we are running a special offer -

FREE SHIPPING, to Australia and New Zealand (airmail)..... you need to spend $100 in the on-line store and enter the code at checkout "FREE CHRISTMAS SHIPPING" to redeem this great offer.

Each cupcake comes beautifully gift-boxed in a cupcake box, adorned with christmas ribbons and a tag. Would make a great display on your Christmas table!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cupcake Soap - English Rose

Just released - our beautiful handmade with Goats milk, cupcake soaps....fragranced with English Rose. Each cupcake contains 5 rose bud flowers, and is beautifully presented in a cupcake box adorned with ribbons. A beautiful natural soap to use or display in your bathroom.
Mail order available thru our website. Available with a pink, white, chocolate or lemon base colour.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Handmade Cupcake Soap

Each cupcake has been handmade on Norfolk Island using Goats Milk & Olive Oil....a natural soap, beautiful to use or display in your bathroom. Each cupcake is also fragranced with essential oils, and comes beautifully gift boxed, in a cupcake box adorned with ribbons. This photo shows our cupcakes on display in the front window of our store on Norfolk Island.

Can be ordered thru our on-line store - we post to Aust & NZ.

Just released - made on Norfolk Island. Large 2.5kg Soap Cake! Perfect for weddings, christenings, birthdays, parties, etc etc.....100% calorie free - Guests take home a slice of handmade soap! All cakes are made to order using goats milk, and essential oils. You can choose your fragrance and colours. The cake shown is our Blueberry Surprise. Contact us today for more details.

Each cake comes in a cake box.